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Outlaws Summer Workout with Coach Dan (30 seconds each, 30 second rest)

Congratulations 2020 Outlaw Graduates!!!

Congratulations to all of our 2020 Outlaw graduates! We’re so proud of you, and we wish you the best in high school!!! 


Outlaws Football:

*Louie Chepetto           OLHMS

*Adrial Gonzalez          Simmons

*Austin Glesge               OLHMS

*Hassan Hussein             Simmons

*Julian Ortega                OLHMS

*Peter Konow                 OLHMS

*Casey Giemzik               OLHMS

*Joquan Turner            OLHMS

*Nathan Juma            Simmons

*Quinn Hunt                  St. Linus

*Jayden Gordan            OLHMS

*Arturo Estrada           OLHMS

*Leonardo Rodriguez         Simmons


Outlaws Cheer:

*Tori Zart                         Simmons

*Abigail Gomez                   OLHMS

*Cecily Santoro                   OLHMS

*Lilly Claussen                   OLHMS

*Gianna Lejawa                 OLHMS

*Isabella Velazco                Simmons

*Morgan Keating               OLHMS

*Brooke Siert                    Simmons

*Skylar Rusco                   OLHMS

Dear Outlaw Families, 

While we understand the uncertainty of our state during this pandemic, we are hopeful and eager for our upcoming season.  We have many great plans in the works!

In the event that the season gets cancelled, a refund will be issued, with the exception of any fees associated with processing and handling through Sports Engine.  In order to avoid these fees, this year, we are thrilled to announce a Venmo Cash App option for our payment.  Sign up today and become an Oak Lawn Outlaw!

 Registration is now open and will remain open until the end of July, so everyone will have plenty of time to register, and arrange payment plans if necessary.  

Please do your best to stay healthy, active and positive during these times.   

Please check back here for info and updates for the 2020 Season, or email questions to

Click Here -    to register for the 2020 Football & Cheer Season

Jim Hunt 


Outlaw News

We Proudly Announce Our 2020 Football and Cheer Coaches and Team Moms!

Flag Cheer                                                           Widget Cheer

-Chrystal Steffan (Head Coach)             -Amanda Smith (Head Coach)

-Erin Thurston                                                   -Jessica Schlosser

-Diane Zimmer (Team Mom)                    -Sabrina Wendt

Super Peewee Cheer                                    -Ashley Hoffman (Team Mom)

-Jean Elam (Head Coach)

-Crystal Felton                                                  Junior Cheer

-Denise Devries (Team Mom)                   -Glenn Rusco (Head Coach)

Peewee Cheer                                                    -Jina Vertucci (Team Mom)

-Kathy Sievers (Head Coach)

-Jessica Koester

Flag Football                                                              Widget Football                       

-Ryan Howell (Head Coach)                            -Dan Galasso (Head Coach)

-Dan Kolkbeck                                                        -Keith Reynolds

-Mike Devries                                                         -Patrick Fike                                                                                                                              

Super Peewee Football                                     -Scott Strang

-David Maldonado (Head Coach)               -Adolfo Salgado

-Yaz Rabah                                                               -Jimmy Romano

-Bryan Windberg                                                 -Ailene Barkhoff (Team Mom)

                                                                                         -Junior Football                                                                                                                        

-PeeWee Football                                                 -Dave Duer (Head Coach)

-Mike  Murphy (Head Coach)                         -Alex Correa

-Jim Hunt                                                                   -Ryan Howell

-Marty Lally                                                              -Dave Wolski

-Dan Korenchan                                                     -Kelly Starke (Team Mom)

-Lisa Bazian (Team Mom)                                                                                      -



If you are interested in Coaching or being a Team Parent for the 2020 season -  please take a few minutes to click on the Link below and fill out an online Application.   

Click Here  -      to complete the Online Coaching Application for the 2020 Season  

Click Here   -      to complete the Online Team Parent Application for the 2020 Season 

Congratulations to Our 2020 Outlaws Board!

Board Members                         

President: Jim Hunt                 

V.P. Football: Dave Duer         

V.P. Cheer: Gail Stearns-Hussein 

Treasurer: Dan Galasso           

Secretary: Shannon Mahoney     

Registrar: Caley Romano               

Director of Cheer: Sandy Galasso 

Director of Football Team Moms: Jozette Palermo

Director of Cheer Team Moms: Ashley Hoffman

Director of Merchandising: Julie Fike

Director of Volunteers: Dana Windberg

Community Liaison: Nora Hunt

Director of Concessions: Michelle Uriarte

Webmaster: Colleen Reynolds

Director of Fundraising: Nicole Krizka

Equipment Manager: Adolfo Salgado

Upcoming Outlaw Events

06/10/20 Outlaws Board Meeting  


Oak Lawn Outlaw Homecoming Day 2019 Photographer Video

This is a short video that Kosie's Design made with photos from this years Homecoming Festivities!!!

Visual Image Photography

The link Below is a direct link to Visual Image Photographies website. This link can be used to order photos and contact the customer support team for VIP.

Oak Lawn Outlaws Contact