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4th of July T-Shirts

Outlaws T-shirt order form

Show your OUTLAW and USA pride with this year's Patriotic T-shirt - $15 ea (2x-5x add $3)
Orders DUE by June 6th - Distribution will be June 27th (see website/Facebook for more details)
After sending your order form response , *please pay via venmo or PayPal  
*****   ALL orders MUST be prepaid   *****
Any questions, email
 venmo @oaklawnoutlaws-2020
 PayPal @oaklawnoutlaw


Visit our Facebook page for order form!

REGISTRATION for the 2022 Football & Cheer Season is now open



Congratulations to our March Madness Winners!!!

Congratulations to the winners of our March Madness Squares Fundraiser!!!  Winners will be updated after each set of games! 

Sweet Sixteen-$125 each:

-Bern Walsh 8/3

-Carrie Cash 3/5

-Mary Sullivan 2/0

-Karen Brown 4/8

-AOJ 7/4

-Jay Perlot 6/1

-UBET 3/6

-Mike Schillichting 0/6

Our $250 Elite 8 March Madness winners:
-Lori Venske #20
-Charlie A. #82
-Todd K. #79
-Emily Meyer #86

Our $500 Final Four Winners:

-Dawn Reynolds

-The Hunts

Our $1,000 Championship Winner:

-Jozette Palermo


Congratulations to all of our winners!!! Thanks to everyone who supported the Outlaws!!!

2022 Outlaws Board

Congratulations to our 2022 Outlaws Board!!!

President: Jim Hunt

Athletic Director: Keith Reynolds

Treasurer: Dan Galasso

Registrar: Caley Romano

Secretary: Shannon Mahoney

V.P. of Cheer: Gail Stearns-Hussein

VP of Football: Bryan Windberg

Director of Fundraising: Nicole Krizka

Director of Apparel: Nora Hunt

Director of Volunteers: Dana Windberg

Director of Cheer: Sandy Galasso

Webmaster: Colleen Reynolds

Director of football team moms: Jozette Palermo

Director of cheer team moms: Ashley Hoffman

Director of  Community Relations: Yvonne Martinez

Director of  Equipment: Adolfo Salgado

*Thank you for your dedication to the Outlaws!

**We are still looking for a director of concessions, if anyone is interested.

Summer Football Camp at OLCHS

Interested in polishing your skills before the season starts? Sign up for the summer football camp at OLCHS today!

Oak Lawn Outlaws Contact